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Infrared Heating

The modern heating solution



Easy Installation

Zero Maintenance

Far infrared heat is exactly the same sort of heat  emitted by the sun or a wood-burning stove.

It’s a completely safe & efficient form of heat that
can be used in a variety of buildings.

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Conventional heating vs infrared heating comparison

How is infrared heating different from conventional heating?

Conventional heaters such as radiators heat the air in a room – which rises and gathers at the ceiling.
Unlike traditional heating, Infrared heating doesn’t heat or dry the air. Instead, infrared locks heat into objects, which slowly release pleasant warmth info the air. Infrared also prevents heat loss through ventilation or draughts, as there is no hot air to escape through opened doors or windows.
Heating rooms with a conventional heating system takes a lot more time and energy than infrared – which are clean, health beneficial and very efficient.

There is no more instant, economical, healthier and environmentally friendly way of heating!

infrared heating how it works

No gas? No problem!

For properties that have no access to gas, or for developers of new build homes, infrared heating is an excellent alternative.

Not only is it super effective at heating and can brighten up your home, but it is also a lot cheaper to install than other systems such as air source heat pumps.

Main benefits:

It's affordable

It’s affordable…

Far infrared heating panels are a discreet and efficient heating solution for existing and new build properties.

No pipe work or unsightly radiators are needed. No expensive boilers or control equipment. Infrared heating has no moving parts and our carbon crystal heating element in the panels is rated for 100,000 hours use – that could be 30 years at 9 hours a day!

Are you a commercial client looking for design and specification advice of infrared heating? Savings can be large. In fact, we find that payback time for the capital cost of our infrared heaters can be within a few years.

A Large national retailer had a problem heating a packing department. It was an old five storey Victorian building, with high ceilings and lots of glass.

We calculated savings of £102,000 for the whole building when 2kw fan heaters were replaced with our 60cm x 100cm 600w white far infrared heaters.

As infrared heats directly and not the air, warm up time is less. This allows for highly efficient control by programmable time and temperature controller. This further squeezes running costs.

It's ecological

It’s ecological…

Far infrared heating panels reduce carbon emission from heating in two main ways.

Firstly, as they can last up to 30 years, replacement is less than for standard heaters, so reducing carbon emission from production.

Secondly, infrared heats more efficiently than convection heating. Electricity is converted into heat at over 98% efficiency and delivered directly to the area that needs heating. Energy isn’t wasted heating air molecules, which can too easily be lost through open doors and windows. Far infrared heats as nature intended. Like the sun.

It's healthier

It’s healthier…

As far infrared heats objects directly it doesn’t move the air around like convection heating. This greatly reduces circulation of dust, creating a healthier and easier to keep clean environment.

This clean heating is used in animal and human operating theatres, to minimize the risk of infection from dust circulating in the air and depositing on open wounds. In homes and offices, infrared helps provide a healthy environment.

Far infrared is great for reducing dampness and mould in living environments. As it’s heat energy is released on contact with a surface, it creates dry conditions that spores don’t like.

Infrared heating can improve blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. Research by NASA has shown that far infrared on the cardiovascular system was a great way of keeping astronauts hearts in optimal condition.

Generally, far infrared provides a more relaxing living environment that people and their pets like.

It's ideal for affordable housing

Ideal for affordable housing

In affordable housing, tenants tend to keep windows closed to minimize heat loss and lower heating bills. With central heating and night storage, that can spell high levels of condensation and mould. That can mean expensive repair bills and unhappy tenants. Far infrared helps avoid such problems.

Easy installation

Far infrared heating panels are simple to install. For white and picture panels, just hang them on the wall like ordinary pictures and plug into the nearest socket. They don’t use as much wattage as ordinary electrical heater so is less likely to overload your electrical system.

For whole house, custom, commercial and ceiling fixed panels, it is best to hardwire. This can be done with plastic conduit or built into the ceiling/walls. For new builds, just fit at the time of construction along with the electrical wiring.

Use with Solar PV

Whether you are planning on installing or already have solar PV panels, infrared heaters are ideal to use alongside this system. This will help further reduce your carbon emissions as well as provide a free power for your heating!

Custom Image Printing

Whilst we offer a good range of picture panels, wouldn’t it be great to have your own personal image printed on a heater? Well, now you can with our custom printing service.

And it gets even better; we can offer panels with changeable covers. So if you would like to change your image further down the line, you can order another cover with a new picture!

Simply take off the old cover and replace with the new.

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Our products

We hold large stocks of a variety of infrared heating products, usually for next day delivery.

Name Size Wattage

Premium White Panels

Premium white 600mm x 600mm 350W
600mm x 1000mm 600W
780mm x 1000mm 800W
1200mm x 1000mm 1200W

Premium Frameless Wall Panels

Premium Frameless wall 600mm x 600mm 280W
600mm x 800mm 450W
600mm x 1000mm 600W
800mm x 1200mm 900W
1000mm x 1200mm 1200W

Premium frameless ceiling panels

Premium Frameless ceiling 600mm x 600mm 280W
Premium Frameless ceiling 600mm x 1000mm 450W

Suspended ceiling grid panel

Suspended ceiling grid panel 595mm x 595mm 280W

Picture Panels

Buddha 600mm x 600mm 320w
Klimt Kiss 600mm x 600mm 320w
Klimt Adel Bauer 600mm x 600mm 320w
Flowers in Pale 600mm x 600mm 320w
Mulberry Tree 600mm x 600mm 320w
Woodland Trail 600mm x 1000mm 600w
Cinzano 600mm x 1000mm 600w
Orange Flower 600mm x 1000mm 600w
Green Forest 600mm x 1000mm 600w
Waterfall 600mm x 1200mm 700w
Palm Trees 600mm x 1200mm 700w
Colour Study Kandinsky 800mm x 1200mm 900w
Blue Jetty 600mm x 1000mm 600w

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