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Solar Water

Get very cost effective hot water from your Solar PV

How it works:

Creativ Energy uses the energy you are generating from your PV array that you are not otherwise using in the home to heat the water in your tank.

You only need to have a hot water tank with an immersion in your home for you to use Creativ Energy

During the summertime you can expect to get a full tank of hot water when you’re out during in the daytime. During the winter, your Think Aqua unit uses excess PV energy generation to preheat your water so you will still be saving throughout the year.

solar water tap
The export rate for electricity is low, so it makes financial sense to consume as much of the generated energy as possible.
Even if you have an export meter the benefits still easily outweigh the rising costs of water heating.
Optimise your system by reducing the amount of “on” time for your boiler.

The two main elements:

Central heating controls

The Unit

Normally installed in an airing cupboard or next to the immersion heater.

Energy pod

The Sender

Installed near the main electricity meter.

Flexi Plan

Spread the cost over a term for a smaller monthly payment

Pay extra to reduce interest without penalties

You remain in control of the term period and interest

Low monthly interest rate

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